Saturday, 13 February 2010

Weekend Testing - Motivating and knowledge sharing platform

Weekend testing is an excellent platform for testers to have fun, learn and interact. Anna and Markus facilitated a session for this weekend where we tested an open-source magnifying glass

Initial introduction and briefing started about 3.00PM GMT and then Session mission was stated and all of us tested the application for about 1hour. Discussions and de-briefing kicked off at 4.30PM GMT where every one summarized what they did, how did they do, why did they do and what did they learn from this session.

This (WET) platforms people to learn from others experiences which is the key because we may not have enough time to learn everything from our own experience. Further, we get to think out of the box, our routine work might be so monotonous that we might have lost our creative thinking and experimenting capability. This recharges us to perform our tasks more effectively even in our day to day life.

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Parimala Shankaraiah said...

I would like to see you blogging more often about your experiences in testing!

Welcome to Blogosphere!

Parimala Shankaraiah