Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Missing Weekend testing badly...

It is been ages that I have had chance to attend any of the weekend testing sessions. Its was just 1 session that I attended but the impact was immense. The only way that I am trying to be still in line with weekend testing is via Experience reports and discussion - Thanks for all those who are involved.
It’s an awesome platform for those who are testing lovers and keen to improve their skills and attitude. I have been learning through the experience reports, discussions and feeling a lot low that I am not able to take part.
Right, I know what people have got to say – past 8moths you could not make 2 hours free for yourself then it’s no worth cribbing about it. Common, I get to be with my family only over weekend as my husband comes from Bedford only over the weekend!
I wish we could have had at least one session a month on a weekday in evening rather than weekend; Or if we can change the timing of the session to sometime in morning may be around 9.00AM or so that if we got to go out we could still do that post session.
I think I am going to make this proposal on the forum and see if I can convince the team to get it sorted out!

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Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Your wish is fulfilled.
Europe has a weeknight testing session which happens fortnightly on Wednesday GMT 07.30pm.

Next session is on Jan 26th.
Please follow @WNTesting!/WNTesting for more details.

See you in more testing sessions. Thanks.